Effective June 1, 2015
Supplemental Service Charges

Problematic Specimens
Redwood Toxicology Laboratory (RTL) is committed to your success and that of your organization. As part of our commitment to provide prompt and exceptional laboratory services, we ask that you properly collect, label, and package all specimens. Failure to do so may create "problematic specimens" that result in additional support effort on our end—preventing our technicians from sending you timely test results.

In an effort to maintain competitive laboratory testing prices, and to reduce the volume of problem specimens, we will begin charging clients for each specimen that is not prepared according to the defined protocols. Clients who are correctly preparing specimens will not see the additional charges applied.

We ask that you refer to the training materials originally provided and referenced on our website when preparing specimens for laboratory testing. Please ensure the specimen is collected, labeled, and packaged correctly before releasing it to the shipper. Improper labeling and packaging may result in your specimens being rejected by the shipping carrier or excluded from testing at the laboratory.*

Below is a list of problematic specimen examples that will incur additional charges.

Problematic Specimen Examples
  • + Insufficient specimen volume (QNS)
  • + Bottle leaked during transit /
       Improper sealing of bottle
  • + Incorrect agency's Chain of Custody
       (COC) sent
  • + Duplicate ToxAccess label
  • + No identification on specimen label
  • + No test requested on label
  • + Non-RTL label utilized
  • + Specimen shipped without COC
  • + COC received without specimen
  • + Specimen received without label
  • + Specimen not for RTL

Additional Services/Short Shipment Fees
To maintain prices of laboratory tests, RTL will also charge for supplemental service requests and short shipments of specimens. Below is a list of service offerings and items that will be affected.

Supplemental Services
  • + Affidavits
  • + Interpretations
  • + STAT testing requests
  • + Specimen retrieval from storage
  • + Short shipment less than five (5) specimens
  • + Telephonic court testimony

For more information on how to prepare specimens for the laboratory and to view the list of supplemental fee list visit: redwoodtoxicology.com/support.

Thank you for your help in this important matter.

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory

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Quality Commitment

*Our accredited laboratory strives to provide you with supplies that comply with carrier guidelines and adhere to aviation regulations. In order to meet government regulatory requirements and legal evidentiary standards, specimens must not violate the laboratory specimen acceptance criteria.

Excellent service is always our top priority. If there is anything that we can do to improve your service experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.