October 2018
New urine specimen collection kits and requisition forms

Beginning November 2018, Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, now Abbott, will introduce improved specimen collection kits and laboratory test requisition forms (chain of custody forms). These updated collection kits and requisition forms are designed to save your agency time, reduce specimen leakage during transportation, capture test requisition information accurately in the laboratory, and improve laboratory processing times.

The new, easy-to-use, contamination-proof collection kits will replace the existing 60 and 90mL screw-top bottles with a 45mL snap-top vial and a sealed collection beaker. No action is required by your agency for this change. The kits will be shipped to you on your next supply order request.

Electronic test requisitions using our ToxAccess online system will continue to be the preferred method for specimen collection. A new paper test requisition form is available for our clients who are unable to perform electronic requisitions via the ToxAccess system. If you are currently using ToxAccess collections, or an electronic medical record (EMR) interface, there will be no change to your account.

The ToxAccess collections feature is an easy and efficient option for specimen collections. The ToxAccess test requisition form and companion online collections feature provides streamlined specimen collections, accurate data tracking, digital copies of signed requisition forms, and improved laboratory processing time.

Visit for more information about using ToxAccess collections. If ToxAccess collections and the electronic requisition form is not feasible for your agency, please contact your Sales Representative at 800-255-2159, option 1 for alternate options.

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