Rapid Urine Drug Screening Devices Overview

RTL's on-site Reditest® screening devices, in combination with its lab services, provides our clients with a comprehensive and convenient drug testing solution. Customer confidence in our products and services is our goal.

Reditest on-site devices available to all lab clients. Call today for more information. Our useful and comprehensive on-site screening solutions are ideal for a variety of testing environments.

Reditest® Panel-Dip

The Reditest® Panel-Dip device is an in vitro diagnostic device for U.S. market and is ideal for addiction treatment, probation, parole, and correctional settings.

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iCup® Drug Screening

The iCup® Drug Screening Device simplifies the urine collection process while providing rapid and reliable test results. Numerous configurations available.

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Reditest® 6 Cassette

The Reditest® 6 Cassette is an in vitro diagnostic device for U.S. market and CLIA waived. It is available in a 6 panel drug test configuration.

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Additional information is available in our printed Device and Lab Catalogs, delivered to all new clients.

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