Statement on Forensic Use Products

Please take a moment to read our Forensic Use Only Statement about rapid screening devices.

Screening Devices Resources

On-Site testing device information

RTL's objective is to provide its clients with all the tools possible to help deter and prevent drug abuse. Reliable and useful on-site screening device resources are essential to this objective. Please review our comprehenisve list of Reditest screening devices resources below.

Product DataSheets
Reditest® Panel-Dip data sheet
iCup® Drug Screen data sheet
iScreen® OFD data sheet
OrAlert® data sheet
Reditest® Alcohol - Saliva data sheet
Reditest® 6 Cassette (CLIA waived) data sheet
Reditest® Smoke Cassette data sheet

Product List Includes screening device part numbers and drug panel configurations.
Reditest rapid screening device product list

Frequently Asked Questions
Rapid urine drug screening FAQ's

Product Training & Certification
In-depth and interactive device training procedures ensure you and your agency perform effective drug screens in a manner consistent with manufacturer recommendations. Once you've completed the device training, take a quiz to test your knowledge of a specific device. If you pass, you'll receive a Product Training Certificate.
Training Procedures
Certification Quizes

Material Safety Data Sheets
Panel-Dip MSDS
On-Site Oral MSDS
iScreen OFD MSDS
OrAlert MSDS
Alcohol Saliva MSDS
6 Cassette MSDS
Smoke Cassette MSDS

Preliminary Result Forms
To be used for Collector verification, Donor certifiction & logging test device results.
Urine Rapid Drug Screen - Preliminary Test Result Form
Oral Fluid Rapid Drug Screen - Preliminary Test Result Form
Alcohol Rapid Screen - Preliminary Test Result Form

The Resource Library includes information available in our printed Reference Guide, delivered to all new clients. To download a PDF of our Reference Guide, click here.