Labeling & Shipping Information

You can send a rapid on-site collection device (presumptive positives only), or you can send specimens collected using an appropriate oral fluid collection container. Please follow the easy steps below to send your specimens to the lab.

For additional information on specimen labeling and shipping, visit Learning XChange.

Oral Fluid Test Requisitions

For each oral fluid specimen, complete a test requisition form with a water-resistant marker, such as blue or black ball point pen (red is not recommended since it tends to smear). Ensure that the security seal, dates and appropriate signatures are completed by the donor and the collector.

oral_label_01Oral Fluid Test Requisition Form

Oral fluid test requisition forms will be provided when ordering oral fluid tests through the lab. These forms are different from the urine test requisition forms and are therefore, not interchangeable. Please send the appropriate form with the specimen. This form is a two-part carbon copy.*

  1. Lab Test Request Information: Review agency specific test panel information. Test(s) to be performed will be printed on the top of the form. (Diagram 1A)

    On-site Device Test Request Information: Use the "GC/MS Confirm" line to list the presumptive positive drug(s) you want to confirm through the lab. (Diagram 1B)

    Check one of the boxes stating the reason for testing in the green box below the test request information.

  2. Security Seal with barcode: Ensure the cap is tightly fastened. Place the center of the security seal over the top of the cap. Be sure that the barcode runs lengthwise/vertically on the collection tube.

  3. Donor Information & Collector Verification: The donor will enter his/her signature, printed name, date collected and donor ID (SSN or DL#). The collector will verify the information provided by the donor and validate that the specimen was collected correctly .

  4. Receiving (lab only): This section is to be filled out by Redwood Toxicology Laboratory personnel only.

* Specialty 5 part pre-employment forms are available for customer's requiring MRO, Employer, and Donor copies.

Download: Specimen Labeling & Shipping pdf_icon_16


The sample cannot be processed without the information supplied on the test request form. If the test request form does not accompany the specimen, testing will be delayed. Please follow these guidelines when shipping your specimen(s) to the laboratory:

  • Five or more specimens: Please use the lab pack provided by RTL
  • Fewer than five specimens: Please use the pre-paid U.S. mailer boxes
  • Oral fluids and urine may be sent in the same lab pack when sending five or more specimens (e.g. three urine specimens and two oral specimens).
  • Please do not mix oral fluid and urine specimens in the same postage-paid mailer box! Per U.S. Postal Service regulations, use the box provided specifically for each type of test as indicated on the pre-paid label.

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